Monday, August 22, 2016

Wizard World Chicago 

Went with my fiance to Wizard World Comicon this past Saturday. It was our first time going to a comicon of any kind. We had talked about going to the San Diego Comicon but we never made any arrangements and it passed us by. Fortunately Wizard World did not disappoint and I took many pictures to prove it while Kelly turned her back and pretended she didn't know me. Thanks for the back-up right? Anyway, had a ton of fun and we got to see Michael J. Fox along with Norman Redus, Danai Gurira, Ralph Macchio, and several others. Click the link and see all the pictures I took.

The Dedication of these cosplayers is incredible.

Always ask to take a picture. People will usually strike a pose.

Strippers at the Con? Hmm. I don't get it but for some reason I like it.

Pretty sure that is silicone attached to his face. Not a mask.

This guy was wearing the shell of a CRT monitor with a flat screen installed in the front. The screen was actually changing while he walked around.

Not sure if cosplay or actually Satan.

Groot wasn't a costume. At least I don't think. Pretty sure he was just a statue.


Several of these guys were walking around. They started break dancing in the lobby.

I was too excited to sit in the DeLorean.

The guy put our wedding date on the destination panel.

Some strike a pose, Rick just gives you the finger.

Look at these dapper little Daft Punk kids. Not sure about The creepy skull dude.

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