Sunday, December 29, 2013

Arduino Alarm Clock

 Here is a wooden alarm clock I made using the ATMega328 micro-controller, programmed with the Arduino IDE. For the time keeping I used a DS1307 RTC with a Li-ion rechargeable battery on a trickle charger. the battery is used to keep the time even when the clock is unplugged. If the power goes out or the clock needs to be moved it will still display the right time when power is reconnected. I believe the data sheet for the RTC (Real Time Clock) says that on full charge of the battery, it will maintain it's charge for 5 years before needing to be charged again. The five buttons on the top from right to left are as follows: ALARM SET, TIME SET, SNOOZE, HOUR, MINUTE. There is a switch on the left side which is used for turning the alarm on and off. There are two LED's at the top of the face the left one is orange and represents the alarm being on, and the right LED represents PM. Over The coarse of this project I was able to introduce myself to a ton of new things I will be able to use in so many more projects.