Saturday, January 31, 2015

Spiral Bound Forrest Mims Books

For so long I have enjoyed the notebooks released by Forrest M. Mims III. The wealth of knowledge the books have offered for so long have been an invaluable asset to so many. Including me. These books are filled with tables, charts, and small circuits that can be tested, learned, and implemented into larger designs. Often, when I am building a project or watching TV, I have a reference book open. However there is a problem with most printed reference material. They are soft bound and will not stay open by them selves. Which is why I jumped with joy upon finding out that for less then $10 each I could have them spiral bound at Fedex or Office Max. (My girlfriend says not to trust Staples)
Hit the jump for some before and after pics.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Simon Frankenstein, or "The Project From Past Failures"

So awhile ago I started a Simon project. You know the one. Repeat the sequence of colors/sounds until you inevitably screw it up. I had a working version of this game on my bread board at one point but took it all apart and saved the code for later. I never got back to finishing this project until today. Like many of my projects this one also went to the top shelf of projects "I'll get to later." Well, unfortunately most of these projects never get finished after moving up there to collect dust. So I decided to take it down and build it with whatever I had laying about.  left over parts and parts from the other shelved projects were sacrificed to complete this abomination of a toy. I gave myself a 3 hour time limit on this project. Video after the jump of me showing off my incredible inability to remember the simplest of sequences.