Friday, October 20, 2017

Science Fiction Weekly, A Science Fiction Film Club

Science Fiction Weekly is a Film Club dedicated to the many writers, films, and filmmakers which have contributed to the wonderful genre that is science fiction. The premise is very simple. Each week we will watch a "new" film and anyone participating is encouraged to write a short review and rating in the comments section. Feel free to suggest new films to be added to the grab bag of movies. The way we will be selecting films is as follows: The first week we will watch a film from the 1950's. The second film will be from the 1960s and so on until modern day. Then we will select one from the 1950's again and continue.

You can find the Science Fiction Weekly Club here.

Rent, Buy, or get out the old VCR. You are responsible for figuring out how to obtain your copy of the film. Yar har fiddle dee dee.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Squirtles Tank Renovation

They're hunting us.

Many nights before falling asleep I would stare over at my turtle's enclosure and long for something better. Hours of thought were spent trying to come up with a more suitable design. Something automated, cleaner and easier to maintain. This is my 4th, and perhaps not the final, attempt at creating just that.