Monday, August 17, 2015

Bioshock Little Sister Syringe

 Ever since starting to work on the Farnsworth from Warehouse 13, I have been very interested in making replica props. If you've played Bioshock you should recognize this scary thing. It's the adam syringe carried around by the frightening little girl in the game. Well, I tracked down some parts and put it together in a weekend. Now the paint job isn't perfect, and the needle may be slightly curved, but I think it turned out pretty nice. The bottle looks a lot better irl. For some reason I couldn't get a decent picture of it turned on. There are some other pictures after the jump.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

My Redworm Compost Farm

 Feeding my turtle is quite easy. She knows what she likes and doesn't like. But the one thing she goes nuts for, is worms. Worms, however, can get expensive if I'm buying them by the dozen. So I built a worm farm to turn my unused veggie and coffee ground leftovers into worm food.

Fishing Pole Mount For My Bike 

 Sometimes, when I go fishing, I need to walk a couple of miles to the fishing hole. I don't want to carry my pole, tackle and chair for that distance. So instead, I can just load it all quickly onto my mountain bike and ride to my favorite spots. Hit the jump to see the build log.

My New Bicycle

 For a while now I have been wanting a touring bicycle. And after looking at several, I decided on the Novara Safari. Because this is the 2014 version instead of 2015, it was on sale for nearly half off! I had no idea retailers even did this with bicycles so if anyone is in the market for a new bike go with the year old one. I mean, if you can handle the shame of riding a year old bike. I wanted a touring bike because I'm planning to, at some point, go on a cross country bicycle tour. So I will need a comfortable bike that can handle full loads of gear...

Polymer Clay Trinkets

Did I ever mention I am one of those people that can never seem to take a decent picture or video with a phone? Vertical pics and videos everywhere. Anyway, here's an interesting project. as I was sitting at lunch one day I heard someone talking about mold making and I got to thinking. I don't know anything about that. And this got me thinking. There are so many methods of making out there in which I know very little about and have no experience trying. So through some research I came across polymer clay. Polymer clay is a material that takes a long time to dry out, becomes easier to shape the more you play with it, and can be safely fired and cured in the oven at 230 degrees Fahrenheit in about 30 minutes. I purchased the polymer clay and several colors of acrylic paint from hobby lobby on a Friday, and by Sunday I had all of these little trinkets. I had a ton of fun making these and painting them that it exploded an interest in several other upcoming projects in my future.
Hit the jump for more of my trinkets from the weekend.

WorkBench Evolution 2014

 Just like our Pokemon, our workbenches grow and evolve over time. Since the last time I updated with pics of my bench I had no shelves and much fewer tools. I have a new Weller soldering iron. I bought two used analogue Oscilloscopes, a function generator and parts bins full of components. Along with my new tools and parts, I added two shelves, a trash can, work light and an AC power strip. I'm sure I have missed some other additions so hit the Jump for more shots of my bench.