Monday, April 4, 2016

Mouse Trap Challenge!

It appears we have a slight mouse problem. Some sort of new "Brain Mouse". <Insert Starship Troopers reference here> This mouse has evaded all attempts to be captured. He has no interest in any of our conventional mouse traps which leaves us thinking outside the box for a more unconventional trap. Fortunately enough we seem to have a think tank of STEM students in need of a good engineering challenge. Who can come up with the best mouse trap and rid us of our sneaky little uninvited guest? The volunteering students at a local middle school will be submitting their built designs to their teacher and delivered to me to be placed around my home. The student who designs and builds the best mouse trap will be named champion and receive a brass mouse trap trophy. The student's designs will be judged based on originality, functionality, and how well their design amuses me.

Updates and pictures after the jump!