Sunday, March 9, 2014

My DSTwo FlashCart Arived

A while back I got a DS Lite from a friend and as soon as I got back home I googled ways to hack it. After not finding anything I was really looking for I came across this lovely little product. A flashcart or flash cartridge. These are reprogrammable cartridges that you stick into devices and run your own games, programs, or ROMS. When I was a kid I wanted one for my gameboy but never got it. And now, here I have one for my DS.

Video of it working after the jump.

 The card came in pretty nice packaging. I guess I'm so used to getting dev boards and parts from china that I expected a brown packaging envelope with the card inside. But this arrived in a box with pretty good graphix, user instuction booklet, and a nice Mini SD to usb adapter. Which is good because it's much faster than the one I had.

I downloaded the firmware and emulators from here:
I'm not sure how large of an SD this will support but I'm using an 8 gig Samsung. It works fine.

There is a lot of different firmware you can put on this card. The one I'm using is pretty good however it does still need work. The SNES emulator doesn't seem to have the ability to exit without shutting power. The GBA and SNES cant save unless exiting out first. save state does work but again you have to be able to get to the other menu first and that isn't working on SNES. Some games on GBA and SNES don't work or freeze, but for the most part its fine. MAME4ALL works on here but I didn't bother installing it. The DS games save just fine. No need for save state.

Overall I'm happy with this. I can now play tons of games and never need to change a cartridge.
And for any Advance Wars fans, I highly recommend Age of Empires - Age of Kings game for the DS.

Also, my Raspberry Pi arcade cabinet is near completion and I will hopefully be uploading the post in about a month and a half. It has taken so long because I really only have the weekends to work on it anymore.

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