Saturday, January 31, 2015

Spiral Bound Forrest Mims Books

For so long I have enjoyed the notebooks released by Forrest M. Mims III. The wealth of knowledge the books have offered for so long have been an invaluable asset to so many. Including me. These books are filled with tables, charts, and small circuits that can be tested, learned, and implemented into larger designs. Often, when I am building a project or watching TV, I have a reference book open. However there is a problem with most printed reference material. They are soft bound and will not stay open by them selves. Which is why I jumped with joy upon finding out that for less then $10 each I could have them spiral bound at Fedex or Office Max. (My girlfriend says not to trust Staples)
Hit the jump for some before and after pics.

Try getting one this size to stay open on your bench. The amount of space it takes up is unacceptable.

Ah, That's better.

I wanted to add all four mini notebooks together and although Fedex had no issues with doing so, I still thought it would be too thick. So instead I added volumes 1 and 2 together and 3 and 4 together.

While I was at it I went ahead and had them do The TTL Cookbook as well. In fact, I see no reason not to do it to every reference book I get in the future. Except for maybe The Art of Electronics. That thing is too damn big.

I haven't decided yet how I want to label these. I do realize how difficult it will be to pick the correct book on the first go just based off of the same blue covers on each. I'm thinking of using an embossing label maker with the green tape to give it an industrial/retro look.

If anyone has any other electronics reference books they suggest please leave them in the comments below. Thanks.