Sunday, August 16, 2015

WorkBench Evolution 2014

 Just like our Pokemon, our workbenches grow and evolve over time. Since the last time I updated with pics of my bench I had no shelves and much fewer tools. I have a new Weller soldering iron. I bought two used analogue Oscilloscopes, a function generator and parts bins full of components. Along with my new tools and parts, I added two shelves, a trash can, work light and an AC power strip. I'm sure I have missed some other additions so hit the Jump for more shots of my bench.

Here's a picture of my previous bench post to see the contrast. Pretty significant difference. It's amazing how much can change in one year of active use in a given area.

You can barely see here, but underneath the bench is a 5 gallon bucket on tracks I use as a trash bin. I threw a handle on it to pull it out and push it back.


Pretty Sure I'm browsing /r/workbenches in this pic. Also, my bicycle is hanging there because I honestly don't have another place to store it.

I needed two o-scopes once ever and now hardly use the one. Though I do like the way they add symmetry to the shelf. Also, I purchased one of those self healing cutting mats and laid it across my work surface. But it was doomed the moment I ordered it. It has burns, scratches, glue, paint and holes all over it. Not sure if it was a necessary addition considering I would otherwise be cutting on plywood and not a kitchen table, but either way, I like the way it feels.

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