Game of Thrones Death Pool

SPOILER ALERT! This page contains SPOILERS for SEASON 7

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Unfortunately there has only been 7 people to have submitted their entries. The pot remains at $50 as no more than 10 people are participating. I will try to update as often as I can with the lists of characters who have survived.

Thank you everyone who is participating! 

Below are the forms that have been submitted for season 7.

Map of Westeros

Case KlotzScore: 1211WINNER! WINNER! WINNER!
Ashley EyerlyScore: 927
David CarverScore: 925
Bobby EyerlyScore: 797
David KruseScore: 704
Katie PetersScore: 628
Tim DowningScore: 485

The winnings. Fifty $1 coins in a leather pouch with a "Hand of the King" pin attached.

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  1. I dont need points anyways.

    1. The points sort of don't matter until the last episode in the season airs anyway. Then we can add in all the points for the characters who survive.


    Leave it to HBO to have a huge battle in which we finally get to see dragons up against the lanisters and yet nobody even remotely important dies...
    If this were actually written by GRRM I bet Bron, Jaime, and the dragon would be dead.

  3. Anyone else notice the timeline issues in the new season? One scene the characters are on one side of Westeros and in the next they are on the opposite side. Remember how many episodes it took Bran to get to that stupid tree...

  4. Replies
    1. I won for deaths. Unfortunately I thought too many would die this season, so I lost.