Sunday, August 16, 2015

My New Bicycle

 For a while now I have been wanting a touring bicycle. And after looking at several, I decided on the Novara Safari. Because this is the 2014 version instead of 2015, it was on sale for nearly half off! I had no idea retailers even did this with bicycles so if anyone is in the market for a new bike go with the year old one. I mean, if you can handle the shame of riding a year old bike. I wanted a touring bike because I'm planning to, at some point, go on a cross country bicycle tour. So I will need a comfortable bike that can handle full loads of gear...
The transition from my mountain bike to this one didn't seem to make very much difference at first, but after jumping back on the mountain bike again, I knew I could never go back. The handle Bars on this bike do look a little funny but they offer many positions for my hands. Also, the height of the bar was a tad strange so I turned the bar upside down and remounted the brake levers and shifters. The frame has mounting points for disc brakes. So I may add those in the future.

 The second modification I did to my new bike is throw on a Brooks saddle. The brooks is a hand crafted, leather bike saddle that is designed to treat your sit bones to a small leather hammock. Or the way I like to describe it to people, It forms to your ass the way a baseball glove forms to your hand. Just have to ride on that English leather for a few hundred miles to break it in.

The packaging for the saddle was incredible. This print of their catalog looks and unfolds like a newspaper. Even the warranty information was nicely folded into a tan envelope with a stamp.

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