Sunday, August 16, 2015

Polymer Clay Trinkets

Did I ever mention I am one of those people that can never seem to take a decent picture or video with a phone? Vertical pics and videos everywhere. Anyway, here's an interesting project. as I was sitting at lunch one day I heard someone talking about mold making and I got to thinking. I don't know anything about that. And this got me thinking. There are so many methods of making out there in which I know very little about and have no experience trying. So through some research I came across polymer clay. Polymer clay is a material that takes a long time to dry out, becomes easier to shape the more you play with it, and can be safely fired and cured in the oven at 230 degrees Fahrenheit in about 30 minutes. I purchased the polymer clay and several colors of acrylic paint from hobby lobby on a Friday, and by Sunday I had all of these little trinkets. I had a ton of fun making these and painting them that it exploded an interest in several other upcoming projects in my future.
Hit the jump for more of my trinkets from the weekend.

The first one I made I modeled after a little Easter Island figure I had on my shelf. It turned out ok and I was proud. I stuck a magnet in the back and it now hangs on my fridge.

The mask from Crash Bandicoot. One day I want to build a life size version of this out of wood.

Miniature replica of my turtle. She's an eastern box terrapin carolina named Squirtle. The mini looks dirty but half the time so does the living one. 

The Millennium Falcon. I haven't quite finished the way I want to paint it yet. Also, I'm really excited for the new movies.

 Mask from the movie "The Mask." Oh Cameron Diaz, you gave my younger self funny feelings. I want to make a life size version of this one day too. The mask not the actress.

Stargate and DHD from Stargate SG-1. Because, whats the point of a stargate if you can't dial out?

Toad. Kelly likes Toad so I made her a little Toad figurine. Whenever we play Mario Party she wants to be Toad. However I only have the N64 versions so she can't. Maybe if Nintendo would have put some thought into it they would have understood no one wants to play as the bitch Peach and the hoe Daisy. 

Ah, the Serenity. This one took a couple hours just to shape and form the clay. I built a skeletal structure from wire and aluminum foil. the it was a non trivial matter of wrapping the skeleton with clay and cooking it. This was also my first attempt at painting a weathered effect onto an object. It was fun and I didn't do so bad. 

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  1. Wow, you did an incredible job. I never knew you can make such amazing stuff with clay. And I like how you are painting them so perfectly.