Sunday, August 16, 2015

Fishing Pole Mount For My Bike 

 Sometimes, when I go fishing, I need to walk a couple of miles to the fishing hole. I don't want to carry my pole, tackle and chair for that distance. So instead, I can just load it all quickly onto my mountain bike and ride to my favorite spots. Hit the jump to see the build log.

 I started out with one of these 3 dollar rod holders you can get at bait shops or some gas stations.

 I bent a 90 into the holder and hammered flat the end. Holding it up where I wanted it on my bike, I marked where I needed mounting holes and cut them out.

 Quick few coats of black gloss and threw it onto my mountain bike. Looks pretty good too. The only issue with it is I cant get off my bike using my traditional method. swinging my right leg around and over the back tire. But aside from that it can be wonderfully useful.


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